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Intertwined History

5/09/22 - Richmond Free Press

Descendants of the enslaved and their owners on a noted Caroline County plantation are working together to preserve remnants of their shared history that remain on the land...For years, Mike Mines has been fiercely determined to ensure that his two children know what he had not known much of his life — his family’s history. Kate Chenery Tweedy wanted to know more about her Virginia family’s legacy, including the slaves they owned. Mr. Mines is Black and Ms. Tweedy is white. Her ancestors owned his.

Modern technology brought the two of them together in their quest to learn more about their families — both the enslaved and their owners who lived at The Meadow, the legendary Caroline County farm that in modern times gave the world one of the most famous racehorses of all time, Secretariat.

“I want my kids to get a sense of their own history,” said Mr. Mines, 64, who retired after 30 years with the FBI. “I want to give them a sense of how really bad it was during and after slavery." Blacks.”


Kehinde Wiley’s Times Square Monument: That’s No Robert E. Lee

9/27/19 - The New York Times - By Reggie Ugwu

The sculpture, of an African-American man in streetwear and mounted on a horse, was unveiled Friday and will eventually move to Richmond, Va., home to a number of Confederate memorials.

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