About Coming To The Table (national) 

Coming To The Table-RVA, a local affiliate of CTTT (National),  specializes in creating a brave, safe and welcoming space for people to engage in facilitated conversation on race around the dinner table - when possible, sharing stories over a good meal -- like family.

CTTT-RVA facilitates the “courageous, clumsy and often uncomfortable” conversations on race by creating a safe space for constructive dialogue, implementing circle process, restorative language and  peace-building principles.  Inspired by the vision of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in his “I Have a Dream” speech, CTTT-RVA explores the challenges of reaching across racial, political and societal lines literally at the dinner table - breaking down barriers and building bridges. Coming To The Table - RVA is Richmond's local chapter of a national organization (CTTT) founded in 2006 on the campus of Eastern Mennonite University.   

Coming To The Table - RVA helps people learn how to engage in these courageous, clumsy, and sometimes uncomfortable conversations around the table at home, at school, and in the workplace.  Our table has four legs - (1) uncovering history, (2) making connections, (3) working toward healing and (4) taking action to dismantle systems of oppression.  Each leg provides stability for our mission of racial healing.  CTTT-RVA is dedicated to promoting racial equity and social justice, and to teaching others how to do this as well.

CTTT-RVA is in its seventh year and is now the largest and most active (and dynamic, we're told!) chapter in the nation, with as many as 300 people meeting monthly for large and small group events and with over 2,000 people on our mailing list.  We have three monthly large group gatherings -- Family Gathering (3rd Tuesday), Racism at Work (RAW) speaker series, and the Movie Circle (all on Zoom for the last 18 months) as well as two book circles, a reparations circle, and various working groups (facilitators, others) and annual events like a Unity Walk in late summer and a National Day of Racial Healing program in January. Newer initiatives are moving us into the wider community as we offer training and facilitation for faith communities and civic groups. All focus on cultivating authentic relationships, learning, growing and healing together, and ultimately aim to dismantle racism in the Richmond, VA metro area and beyond. We invite you to join us at one or more of our many events on Zoom, and in person when that is again safe. For all the relevant information,  get on our mailing list and receive our monthly newsletter.  WE WELCOME YOU....with all of your questions, uncertainties and misgivings and with your open mind and heart!

"It’s hard for an individual—or a country—to evolve past discomfort if the source of the anxiety is only discussed in hushed tones."
- Michele Norris
CTTT-RVA is a Local Affiliate Group of Coming to the Table.
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