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Voting Rights For Hundreds Of Thousands Of Felons At Stake In Florida Trial


A contentious federal civil rights trial is slated to begin Monday that will determine whether hundreds of thousands of people with felony convictions will be able to vote this fall in the swing state of Florida.

On one side of the case is Florida, along with a slew of other states supporting it from the sidelines.

On the other, hundreds of thousands of people who have completed their sentences but currently can't vote because of one thing they lack: money.


Love And Care For Others Across Barriers


Check out these questions to help you consider ways in which you can love and care for others during this time of quarantine.

As our Coming To The Table family strives to find ways to continue the work for racial healing, let's remember that we are working to heal the human race, becoming a bridge to love and care for others across barriers, real and imaginary, ironically evident in this time of quarantine. Like always, bridging with others will require patience , understanding and above all, creativity . Think (and color) outside the lines.???? Lead with gratitude, a healthy concern for those you cannot see and hold a vision of connectedness for us all. Be well and be safe. ?? - Danita Rountree Green?

Coronavirus Impact On Upcoming CTTT-RVA Events


After much debate on how we could safely gather while being mindful of the current public health challenge, Coming To The Table-RVA will be cancelling all public gatherings and events slated for next week and the month of March.


CTTT-RVA National Day of Racial Healing Observance 2020 Reflections


A Clear Vision in a New Decade of Change

Let me start with these two small words - THANK YOU for being a part of our National Day
of Racial Healing Observance for 2020. On Day 1, you joined us at the Virginia Museum of
History and Culture for Repairing the Breach: History, Religion and the Racial Divide featuring
Richmond’s own Dr. Ed Ayers and Dr. Brian Blount with special guest Dr. David Ragland of the
Truth-Telling Protect, moderated by Dr. Corey Walker.ew Decade of Change


What A Great Water Dancer Weekend!


The release of Ta-Nehisi Coates' new novel, The Water Dancer was coupled with multiple events to encourage dialogue and fellowship.


CTTT-RVA and VCU’s Institute for Contemporary Art Collaborate


A collaboration event between CTTT-RVA and VCU’s Institute for Contemporary Art brought together 49 people including faculty and students from VCU and Virginia Union University, Richmond artists, and members of CTTT-RVA.


Coming to the Table to Discuss the 1619 Project


In August, to mark the 400th anniversary of the first African slaves arriving to the English colony of Virginia, the New York Times launched the 1619 Project, challenging readers to consider this event in 1619 as the true founding moment of the United States.


Jamestown 2 Jamestown 2019: The Year of Return Commemorating 400 Years of the African Diaspora Experience


By Danita Green
History commonly and most often points to late August in the year 1619 when some “20 and odd Negroes” originating from Angola arrived in the British colony of Jamestown, Virginia as the first documented enslaved Africans to land in what is now The United States of America. Fast forward to 2019 through the continued metamorphosis of the African American, we mark the 400th anniversary of their arrival as men and women still fighting for equal rights, justice and freedom.

The “Year of Return, Ghana 2019” was a major landmark spiritual and birth-right journey inviting the Global African family, home and abroad, to mark this anniversary. As an official event of the Year of Return, Jamestown to Jamestown was a spiritual, historical and reconciliatory journey in commemoration of the 400 year anniversary. I was privileged to be a part of this once in a lifetime event


National Grassroots Reparations Convening/ 5th Annual Mike Brown Jr Weekend Commemoration


By Danita Green
This was a beautiful call to action that honored the living and the ancestors through music and stories, and charged us with the task of working together to repair want is broken - in ourselves as individuals and in our communities.




By Patrick Wilson • Richmond Times-Dispatch
National racial justice group convening in Historic Triangle to recognize slavery in Virginia


The "For Reparations" Conference


To learn more about how Reparations agendas are playing out nationally, Danita will be traveling to Ferguson, MO during the 5th anniversary weekend of the murder of Mike Brown Jr. and the Ferguson Uprising. From August 8-11, FOR REPARATIONS (part of the TRUTH TELLING PROJECT organization) is hosting a National Truth Telling and Grassroots Reparations Convening, where organizers and activists from Black-Led grassroots organizations throughout the nation, as well as the families and friends of people victimized by police violence, will be in Ferguson to participate in this important commemoration and work toward the transformation of our communities, and the transformation of the relationships between Black folk and the broader society. CTTT-RVA , because of our focus on this important topic and our national will be represented at this event.

To learn more click on the links below

Moral Debt: The Legacy of Slavery in the USA. A film screening and discussion


African-American Heritage Center, Jefferson School, 233 4th Street Charlottesville, VA

Join the Charlottesville chapter of Coming to the Table and the DOR History Action Team for a screening of the documentary, “A Moral Debt: The Legacy of Slavery in the USA” Panelists include Martha Rollins and Danita Rountree Green who are the co-founders of CTTT- Richmond and are featured in the film.

Here is a link to the documentary available on YouTube. A Moral Debt: The Legacy of Slavery in the U.S.A.


Repairing What is Broken


Our Richmond chapter of Coming to the Table hosted its first Reparations event at the Virginia Museum of History & Culture on May 15, 2019 from 6-7:30 pm, entitled Repairing What Is Broken: A Conversation on Reparations in RVA.

Repairing What is Broken - a Conversation on Reparations

It featured guest speaker Ken Woodley, author of The Road to Healing: A Civil Rights Reparations Story in Prince Edward County, VA and was followed by a panel discussion on implementing strategies for Reparations in Richmond.  This event was free to the public and engaged many city residence in a conversation on repairing broken systems in Richmond and healing the wounds of enslavement.

RTD Michael Paul Williams 5/18/2019 Our Nation is Rooted in Racism/Repairing What is Broken Event


Danita speaks out on behalf of the Richmond chapter of CTTT-RVA on Governor Northam and the blackface incident


Northam blackface scandal forces Virginians to talk about what redemption for racism should look like


Green and Rollins Forge Unique Friendship for Social Change


Like many others, I have wrestled during the past week with what I can do, how I can help push forward some lasting, systemic change in our city. In the end, I found a story to share. Here’s one about Danita and Martha.

"Justice too long delayed is justice denied."
- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
CTTT-RVA is a Local Affiliate Group of Coming to the Table.