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Power of Coming To the Table

Coming To The Table - Repairing the Breach: History, Religion, and the Racial Divide

Dr. Corey Walker reads from the Gospel of John 3:1, and gives a sermon on how society's conventions don't always align with the path of the righteous.

Bloomberg and The Legacy of Stop-and-Frisk - Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

What if white people led the charge to end racism?

Black Pete: why is the Dutch blackface tradition still going strong?

'Man-Killing Jobs' and Environmental Racism

A Class Divided

What happens when I try to talk race with white people

People were not slaves, they were enslaved

How Monticello inspired Ta-Nehisi Coates' debut novel

Ta-Nehisi Coates on His Debut Novel “The Water Dancer,” Slavery & Reparations

New York City students are fighting for school integration

Jim Crow’s Last Stand

What the Discovery of the Last American Slave Ship Means to Descendants

When white supremacists overthrew a government

Why Cities Are Still So Segregated | Let's Talk | NPR

These Divers Search For Slave Shipwrecks and Discover Their Ancestors | National Geographic

Philando Castile & the Black Experience in America - Between the Scenes: The Daily Show

The Truth About the Philando Castile Verdict: The Daily Show

Thomas Jefferson's descendants come together despite troubled past

Extended Interview: Bryan Stevenson Reflects On America’s Painful Past | NBC Nightly News

Why 60 Minutes aired disturbing photos of lynchings in report by Oprah

Hidden History: Effort in DeKalb County seeks to honor black victims of lynchings

How to be an Antiracist

How Black Americans Were Robbed of Their Land

Reparations and Why America’s Past Still Shapes the Present

Can reparations help right the wrongs of slavery?

Reparations & White Privilege - Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

Blaming President Donald Trump Is Too Easy: This Is Us.

Why Is It So Hard to Talk About America's Past

A Moral Debt

The Danger Of A Single Story

Her ancestors enslaved mine. Now we're friends

Systemic Racism Explained

"Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced."
- James Baldwin
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